• 2019 Outlook: Will the Fed “Wait and See”?

    Western Asset’s John Bellows describes why a data-dependent approach by the Federal Reserve is so important.

  • Webcast Replay

    1Q19 Market & Strategy Update With
    CIO Ken Leech

    Watch the replay
  • Our 2019 Global Outlook

    This high-level summary of our views for the year ahead was developed with input from our global offices and includes an at-a-glance compilation of our relative value assessments by region and sector.

  • Advocating Unconstrained Investing

    Western Asset Product Specialist Robert Abad reviews the fundamentals of our unconstrained strategy and explains the benefits of an investment approach that isn’t tethered to a benchmark.

  • Optimism for Global Risk Markets

    Western Asset CIO Ken Leech shares his views on the continued divergence of US and global growth, the influence of Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s comments and how the adversity in emerging markets continues to present opportunity.

  • Keeping a Close Watch on the Credit Cycle

    Western Asset’s Tom McMahon revisits his recent credit cycle analysis with additional details about the key indicators we monitor that could provide early warning signs of a downturn.

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